Autoclicker - it's not cheating, its taking your life back!

Many mmo games want you to do the same actions over and over again to gather or create things, money or just as part of leveling some abilities that you would like your character to have.

This is something new and has only really been around since some of the first major mmo's started becoming large communities with thousands of players.

Before this, we had games with challenges which actually required some form of skill to attain whatever items you were hoping to acquire or achievements you want to accomplish in the game. Today, you can get most desireable things in the most popular mmo's by just being patient, gathering the currency or the materials to produce items or purchase them.

The reason for this, is that the industry want you to play their game for long periods of time and without having to go through too much hassle to progress. The bar has been lowered, so that any type of gamer (young and old) will be able to have success in the game regardless of their skill level. Also, the industry is of course catering to the youngest players,
who demands almost instant rewards from the slightest effort.

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The industry also know that the brain is very susceptible to addiction with respect to the gathering that we see in games.

By ensuring that all players in the game is able to get all the stuff that they desire, regardless of their skill, the industry hopes to keep people coming back for more.
Sadly, what this means is that games are no longer what they used to be - the challenge in games and the joy of overcoming obstacles in games are almost non-existent in the most popular of today's mmo's.

This is why using an auto clicker is not cheating - you're actually just taking your life back.

The basic operation of clicking a button over and over hardly requires any skill. If anything, it challenges your attention span and in some cases your fingers ability to endure the stress caused by excessive clicking of buttons. The developers should be happy that someone actually bothered to use an auto-clicker and remain "active" in the game. The alternative would be that the player would find other more "interesting" games to play, instead of wasting their time with the tedious clicking (I know I would - if I did not have an auto clicker).

We need to let the industry know that games need to have challenges and rewards instead of just forcing people to spend endless mind-numbing hour after hour repeating the same tasks over and over.

Untill they do this - I say do yourself a favour and auto click away!

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Thank you!